Google Workspace Workshop


6 Week Course
Day: Tuesday
Date: 18th May to 22nd June
Time: 6:00pm to 9:00pm
Online Via Google Meet / Face to Face



  • Getting Started with G Suite
  • Introduction to Google Drive
  • Google Docs, Sheets & Slides
  • Collaboration with G Suite
  • Gmail, Calendar, Contacts
  • Google Tasks- description 2-3 words
  • Google Forms
  • Goggle Hangouts, Meet
  • Google Drawings


Both businesses and individuals use Google Workspace. In 2016, Google G Suite was renamed as Google Workspace. In 2019 Google workspace consisted of 5,000,000 customers and growing rapidly. The purpose of this program is to identify and learn all the features that Google Workspace has to offer.

Google ‘Workspace’, has been evolving since 2016, to become a ‘one size fits all’ online assistant. In essence, it is a collection of software, that is developed and marketed by Google. Featuring the ability to help any sized businesses and individuals alike, it is made up of productivity, collaboration, and education software. The primary Workspace tools include Gmail, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Calendar, Drawings, Sites, Hangouts, and Meet.



Learn how to use G Suite to organise your tasks, collaborate with your team, connect with your customers, and ultimately help your business grow better.
Learners will gain an understanding of the fundamental principles of a variety of Google Workspace (G Suite) Apps.

  • Sharing files on Google Drive
  • How to use Google Meet, phone & Chat
  • Gmail basics, email etiquette & Gmail organisation
  • Conducting a survey using Google Forms
  • Creating, formatting documents in Sheets & Docs
  • Creating, inserting images and formatting in Slides

The course assumes no prior knowledge of Google Workspace (G Suite).