"I would absolutely recommend this business! Amanda’s course is brilliant! I got so much from it - from learning about customer service and call centre operations to workplace safety, resume layout, presentation skills as well as understanding my own strengths and weaknesses. Amanda is  an amazing educator, extremely thorough, organised, knowledgeable and personable! Cannot say enough good things!! I would rate this business 5 stars!"
Jacqui Mernik
Victoria Australia
"I have just completed the Bookkeeping and Finance course. I have really enjoyed attending this course online for the last three months. I have learned so many important skills that I can utilise to take my career in a new direction. The option to use flexible online training during this year has been so beneficial. My trainer Amanda was very patient and knowledgeable and wrote the training to be fun and informative."
Melanie Ballantine
Victoria Australia
I would like to share the good news; I got the job. During the Call Centre Training, Mr. Eddie and Ms. Amanda have taught me how to prepare my CV, using productive tools, tips and tricks. I have used all the techniques you taught me to complete phone and face to face interviews. It's 100% a successful formula. I am grateful to you both.

Soo Muk Lan
Victoria Australia

I think it's a great course, beautifully tailored around different customer scenarios and makes you think about things which you never did. Yes, I want to have in depth knowledge of customer support and this course helped me achieve my goal.
Victoria Australia
A comprehensive understanding of the application of bookkeeping and finance principles, in particular the WAVE system and its functions. Yes of course and more! This company was very handy and practical and can help a lot of people who run their own businesses. The fact that it can be offered online and after hours as well as catch-up options makes it a great choice for busy people

Mohammad Wasel Agha
Victoria Australia

I appreciate that this course and the trainees find partners for both vaccinated and unvaccinated people. It’s very comforting and provides hope that we can find financial stability in these trialling times. I also appreciate how Eddie and Amanda provide feedback, it is always constructive, with reason and without bias. Amanda and Eddie are also very down to earth which makes them very approachable and I feel comfortable asking any questions no matter how simple or silly it seems. I’ve noticed over the last 3 weeks how the class as a whole have become more and more engaged with each other and I believe this is because of the culture Eddie and Amanda have cultivated with us which can be difficult to do online. Eddie and Amanda go above and beyond which motivates me to also put as much of my effort in to succeed in this course. I thank you for all your efforts and will be recommending this course to others who may be struggling to find employment or looking at a change in career.

Maricel Urkom

It was Awesome to have such teachers who support you in each possible way. They are so understanding and helpful that you don’t feel stressed during or after class. I learned so much from this class. I am really blessed that I enrolled for this course and had such awesome people to learn from. With Eddie and Amanda and all the class I never felt that I was with strangers everyone felt like family that’s why we were all comfortable with each other during role plays and teamwork throughout this course. I am a bit emotional now as the course is coming to end. I will miss everyone. 

Tehreem Batool

Eddie and Amanda were amazing teachers. They were kind, approachable and supportive to all the students in the class, including myself. Through this course, I have regained my confidence and self-belief. It was so much more than I have expected. An absolute joy to have partaken in this course. 

Lang Phan

I really would like to praise Eddie and Amanda for the way they treat everyone equally with respect and are willing to help anyone no matter what type of experience or knowledge they do or dont have. its actually quiet inspiring. I enjoyed the ability to participate from home or have the ability to come into a class environment. It helped me with some of my social anxiety issues. As for improving, I have nothing to add. 

Kenan Paviovic