About Us

Pre-accredited training programs are a less formal way to learn some new skills. Designed as a short modular course, each program is outlined with a specific set of new skills, with an 'end goal' of future employment or further education. Pre-accredited training created a pathway for students to find self-employment or a new job in a different industry.

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Our Blended Learning Approach


If you’re looking for a course that offers you the ultimate flexibility without having to compromise on quality or support, our ‘Virtual’ Google meet classes are for you! you will be learning ‘live’ with other students from all over the globe. Our trainers will be there, with you and other students, to guide you through the sessions, like a real classroom. All this, from the safety of your own home…

The classroom environment enables our trainers to guide each learner at their own pace. We have a variety of face-to-face classes to suit the learners who find they understand the information better when they see it in a classroom. If you need to interact with people, and might struggle with an online format, this is the one for you.

Meet Our Instructors

SBLP has built a professional team of trainers. They use proven, hands-on techniques to ensure their programs are fun and engaging. Each trainer brings a high level of ‘real-world’ experience in the content they are presenting. You can be assured that the content discussed is relevant in today’s working environment.

Our trainers are passionate about success, and want to see each learner achieve their goals. SBLP delivers practical material that our learners can immediately apply in the workplace.

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Community Group Coordinator

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Business Manager