Resume and Application Workshop


Self Paced Training Course

Delivery: Online




  • Career Planning, Skill Identification, Job Options
  • Defining your goals
  • Building your portfolio
  • Finding your ‘Dream job’
  • Personal presentation influences on your first impressions
  • Position Descriptions, Cover Letters, Resumes
  • Completing online applications
  • Interviewing techniques
  • Getting the right job



Delivered in a supportive and safe environment, you’ll gain hands-on, practical knowledge in Job Seeking. You will learn the important skills needed to find the right job, and how to complete an application that will make you stand out.

The program explains how to write a resume. The stuff to include (and exclude) from a resume. You will be shown how to identify the ‘keywords’ that employers are looking for in a cover letter. This program includes practical exercises, through the use of technology.

You may have a resume that needs updating. You have been using it for some time, but not having much success. You may not have a resume at all.  This program will help you identify the reason behind it, and create that ‘best practice’ resume you need in this competitive market

We practice all the skills displayed throughout the program, in real time, in the classroom.

What Will I Learn?

 Participants will learn what is needed to write your own resume and cover letter. You will discover how to make your resume represent ‘you, personally’. It will be a true reflection of your strengths. It won’t come across as a ‘one size fits all’ resume.

We discuss your values, your strengths, experience and expectations. How to identify your soft and hard skill sets, so you are able to choose a suitable job. Employers don’t want a resume that is not authentic, right!


The aim of this program is to build job seeking skills which support learners to be confident when applying for jobs and meeting potential employers.

  • Understand what to look for in a job advertisement, understanding job seeking websites, so that you are selling yourself in the right way.
  • Take a deep dive into Position Descriptions, Cover Letters, Resumes, Career Portfolio etc. What do they mean?
  • Completing online job applications with our help, in class.
  • Marketing yourself – you are your ‘brand’. How to make a positive first impression.
  • Interview prep- practice and role play. Eg… Describe yourself?

~Places in this program are strictly limited.~