Book Keeping And Finance For Small Business


10 Week Course
5 Hours Per Week
Start Date: 2nd March 2022
Delivery: Online/Classroom




  • Client terms and payment options – Deciding what types of payments you’ll accept from customers and how closely you want to monitor your business.
  • Best Practices in Bookkeeping – Knowing which form goes where and why. Discuss different forms of business, problems encountered by business owners and entrepreneurship barriers.
  • What accounting / bookkeeping system works best for my business
  • How to keep accounting records – Knowing how to record monetary, transactions, and what can I claim, so that everything balances at the end of the month/ quarter and year.
  • Calculating profit & loss- revenue vs expenses.
  • Keeping proper tax records including invoicing, receipts, log books etc
  • Calculating balance sheet- debtors, creditors, single/double entry transaction cash book entries.
  • Inventory management- When is it better to use credit, loans or cash
  • Financial management – The really tricky stuff including business ethics, financial control systems, time value of money, social procurement and evaluation, supplier management and financial planning.



This detailed and engaging 10 week course is tailored for the small business owner, (the entrepreneur) who has a great start with their new business, but is falling behind with the ‘behind the scenes’ stuff.
As your business grows and begins to thrive, this program is right for you. Accurate and honest bookkeeping skills are needed to effectively manage your financial responsibilities.



This program is very ‘hands-on’. We spend a lot of time practising ‘real world’ accounting scenarios. Each learner is encouraged to bring their own business challenges to class. As a group, we learn ‘best practice’ techniques. The learner can apply this new found knowledge to their own situation. SBLP will guide you through the simple practices of bookkeeping. Discover what you need to do on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, to stay on top of your business finances.

As technology becomes a bigger part of the business world, we discover the range of ‘cloud-based’ Apps available to help simplify bookkeeping.

~Places in this program are strictly limited.~