Digital Skills For Business


13 Week Course
6.00pm – 9.00pm

Start Date: 
Delivery: Online/Classroom





  • What does digital skills mean to small business
  • Productivity, Organisation & Problem Solving
  • Communication
  • Personal Brand
  • Email Management
  • Online Presence
  • Creating Engaging Social Media Content
  • Marketing Tips, Tricks and Tools
  • Digital Workflow Tools
  • Bookkeeping & Financial Apps
  • Online Payment Tools


Digital skills for business program is for those who are self-employed or manage a team in a small business.
Digital Skills is a broad term that relates to the ability to create, communicate, manage and promote any business, using a digital platform. This program is tailored to the small business owner who needs a better understanding of the digital world. The social awareness of any business is as important as any goods and services. The ability to optimise your target audience through digital media and relevant Apps, is as important as keeping your customers happy. This program is designed for someone with a basic level of computer skills, who wants to enhance those skills to help their business in future.


The program is designed to merge the day-to-day business with the digital business. It is tailored to suit a new business owner who wants to make the most of the digital world.
The two most important considerations to digital skills for small business are:

  • operational needs
  • branding and communications

Operational Needs
We discuss the most effective Apps to help us with the day-to-day challenges of small business. We need to consider productivity, time management and problem solving. Bookkeeping and finance can all be done online. We talk about Integration of payment options. The digital world is a constantly changing one. Our experienced trainers discuss your own challenges in the digital world, and then suggest the best Apps to suit those needs. As a group, we then practice, practice and practice some more!

Branding and Communications
Small business requires a digital presence. We talk about your personal brand, and how to develop it to suit your customer’s needs. During the course, we discuss how to create your online presence. We talk about your own website and social media site. We discuss the importance of safe email management, and how we must protect the brand from unwanted cyber activity. Once an online presence is created, there is a need for relevant, engaging and effective content. It is important to keep your website up to date and interesting. Social media must be relevant, rewarding and fun.