Customer Service Training




  • How to communicate with customers
  • Understanding customer needs and solve their problems and follow up expectations
  • Opening, closing and probing question with role plays
  • Learn something new about my own personal abilities
  • Customers and Customer Service
  • Presentation skills
  • Effective telephone techniques
  • Personal presentation in the workplace
  • Support with job searching
  • Matching skills to job advertisements
  • How to write an excellent cover letter and job application
  • How to present myself positively in an interview
  • Mock interview questions and how to approach them
  • Time management techniques
  • Dealing with difficult, rude, and emotional customers


This highly engaging program is tailored for any individual who loves the idea of helping others. Whether you are a job-seeker who wants to learn the basics, or an experienced customer service person now, or just wanting a change in careers, you will learn or refine the key factors to being an effective and positive member of a customer service team.

We believe in order to be an effective customer service player; you need to have self-confidence. A unique part of this course is that we focus on you first, and the customer second. If you believe in yourself, you will be a much more effective employee.

Our course is suitable for all types of customer service roles. Whether you are behind a counter, face to face or over the phone. The technique is the same, but the delivery is different. No advance preparation is necessary


  • Week 1 is all about you. Our proven techniques allow you to look within yourself and identify what you do well. We expand those strengths to improve your customer service skills.
  • Week 2 is about the customer. We discover customer wants vs needs. Is the customer, always right? Learn with interactive class activities and role plays
  • Week 3 puts it all together. Customer service is all about building relationships. How to develop a strong relationship and also how to solve any problems if needed
  • Week 4 is a focus on finding employment. We focus on how to write a cover letter, create a resume, job interview techniques and finally presentation skills.

~Places in this program are strictly limited.~